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Monterey Beer Project

Client: Alvarado Street Brewery

Studio: Blindtiger Design

Role: Packaging Design, Illustration

Monterey Beer Project Packaging

Alvarado Street Brewery approached Blindtiger, asking them to recreate the vintage 1940's Monterey Beer can with Alvarado branding, as a celebration of the Salinas Valley in California, where Monterey Brewing Co. was located back in the day and where Alvarado's tap room currently exists. This was a particularly fun illustration challenge because images of the original beer can are low quality and don't show the illustrations in clear detail—on a cylinder (shown below). The final product definitely captured the look of the original can and nicely incorporated it into Alvarado's existing branding. 

Original Packaging from 1940's Monterey Brewing Co.

Original Packaging from 1940's Monterey Brewing Co.