is a designer & art director.

Ardent Credit Union

During my time at Weber Marketing Group, one of the industry leaders in credit union marketing, strategy and brand overhauls, I was able to play a key role in developing new brands for two major credit unions—one in Philadelphia, the other in Arkansas. 

Both clients had unique target audiences and posed different challenges. One was eager to completely rebrand, name and all; the other wanted to stick closer to its roots without having a "down-home" feel. 

Client: Ardent Credit Union

Studio: Weber Marketing Group

role: branding & iconography development, layout design

Ardent Credit Union Branding

After renaming Philadelphia Credit Union, SB1, to Ardent Credit Union and selecting a bold dynamic logo, the company needed a strong brand to herald in a new era of banking. With a target audience of upwardly mobile millennial women and a brand focused on grit, the team at Weber was challenged with creating a look and feel that was simultaneously modern, feminine, flexible and gritty. By pairing a modern slab serif with a classic sans serif and utilizing a minimal color palette and action-oriented photography, Weber developed a strong, unique brand that the client was more than pleased with.