is a designer & art director.

The Gentleman's Grooming Collection

Self Authored Project

goal: showcase a variety of printing, book binding, illustration and materials techniques

role: research, copywriting, art direction, packaging design, book making, illustration

The Gentleman’s Grooming Collection

This self-authored set included the branding and packaging of various men's grooming accoutrements, as well as a book that I authored, designed, and bound. Completed in May 2013 and spanning three months of research, design, writing, and revisions, this project delved, not only, into the styling of facial hair but also into the history behind some of the styles, facial hair etiquette, and styles that suit various face shapes. Each facial hair style has a name, a nickname (or two), a short description of the style, and an illustration to accompany it. 

There is only one edition of this set. It includes a copy of the book, The Gentleman's Guide to Grooming, a bottle of beard oil, moustache wax, a comb and a pair of scissors. The book was printed on an Epson 3880 and hand bound. The box housing the set was handmade and features a cigar-style lid. You'll also see the 39 illustrations that I did to accompany each facial hair style.